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It has about 14, inhabitants. It lies on the Jizera River. Turnov is a traditional center for gemstone polishing, glass craftsmanship and arts. Turnov lies in the heart of the Bohemian Paradise nature reserve which makes it a place for tourists and summer residents. The town is also an important traffic crossroads of three railways and the Prague—Liberec highway. Turnov has a large museum finalist in European museums competition , three galleries, six churches and a synagogue. The small old town of Middle Ages urbanism is surrounded by modern garden neighbourhoods and large parks representing an organic connection between urban areas and nature. Turnov was founded as a Bohemian town in by Jaroslav and Havel of Markvartice on a spur of rock overlooking the Jizera River. The medieval town was frequently vulnerable to fires — it was burnt by Lusatian crusaders in and during the Thirty Years’ War by Swedes in , as well as a conflagration in The first European technical school for the processing of gemstones, metals, and jewelry was founded in Turnov in and still exists as one of the best schools of this type in the world.

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Just like Czech glass, Czech fashion jewellery has been a well-known term since the 18 th century. Fashion jewellery from Bohemia has always been a synonym of quality and has managed to satisfy the tastes of customers from all corners of the world. The Czech Republic still belongs amongst the largest producers of glass semi-finished products, such as seed beads, beads and jewellery stones.

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Behind its striking bracelets, brooches, necklaces, earrings and rings is Jiri Belda Jr grandson of Ladislav , Alena Beldova and the newest generation: their daughter Viktorie. Mr Belda, who is behind the majority of the handiwork, took the helm from his father, Jiri Belda Sr, who today observes from the sidelines at the Belda Factory in Turnov, where his father established a company hub on his return to the country in the s. Featuring nature-inspired motifs and stones typical of the region, the collection began with a silver brooch in the shape of a twig, speckled with garnets.

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Czech jewellery brand Belda celebrates 100 years with a new generation of talent

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Illustrated introduction to the bright red Pyrope garnets from Bohemia, Czech Republic. Most popular in 18th and 19th century and during the.

Glass beads used to produce jewelry from Czechoslovakia, or Bohemia as it was originally called, was a direct result of the famous glass making factories, beginning in the 13th and 14th centuries. The jewelry was made of glass beads and rhinestones in beautiful colors and shapes. The country has a rich history in glass making including hand-blown, molded and cut glass.

One early manufacturer who surpassed all others in production levels was Josef Riedel who was named the Glass King of the Iser Mountains. The Reidel Family owned many furnaces and supplied the individual beadmakers with the raw materials, the tubes, and canes of glass. These straight glass rods eliminated many steps in the production of glass beads and it was then that the jewelry industry took off.

Rhinestones, glass beads, and buttons were made from the glass rods. Soon there were colored glass rods as well. Czechoslovakian jewelry made in the factories was in full production. Workers were given the glass rods and necessary jewelry findings to build furnaces to soften the glass and mold it into beads, faceted glass stones, and rhinestones.

It was common to see the whole family sitting together at a table making beads. Often the color and shape of the bead was left up to the workers imagination and consequently a diverse variety of beautiful glass beads were created! The new cottage industry began and flourished with thousands of families working out of their homes as pressers, grinders, cutters, trimmers, polishers, and foiling of the rhinestones.

These workers were paid very low wages, which kept the prices down.

Garnet Jewelry from the Czech Republic (Bohemia)

Prague, Czech Republic. In-person Airbnb Experiences are available in this region. Learn More. What you’ll do. You will have the opportunity to meet some of young cutting edge designers who work in this studios which serve at the same time as place of sale for them. I will give you tips on current style and help you to shop items, that suits you perfectly.

Date et horaire. mar. – dim. The exhibition is dedicated to the present starry era of Czech costume jewellery. Ten companies have.

This semi-precious gem is well known as the January birthstone. The brilliant sparkle of the Bohemian Garnets is due to their excellent clarity, transparency and high refraction of light and therefore gained popularity in Europe in the 18th and 19th century as well as during the Victorian age. The traditional handcrafted Bohemian design places great emphasis on the arrangement of the garnets which dominate over the metal in each individual piece of jewelry. The stones are used not alone for jewelry and for ornamenting gold and silver plate, but also extensively for watch jewels and for polishing.

The introduction of larger scale manufacturing of garnet jewelry created mass-produced machine pressed metal settings and garnets. It also required the introduction of a broad choice of to obtain commercial success. Garnet rings were generally made of facetted, rose or cabochon cut Garnets in 14 or 18 kt gold George Frederick Kunz: Rings for the Finger.

In the late 19th century it was already pointed out that the larger Pyropes were typically brilliant-cut, resulting in very bright red stones, whereas the very small stones were usually rose-cut.

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Purchasing locally made design jewelry supports the artistic growth of the design community in Prague, and also leaves you with a unique handmade necklace.

If you wish to add a new piece of design jewelry to your wardrobe, we encourage you to have a look at our selection of Czech and local jewelry designers here in Prague. The Czech, as well as international local designers listed below create beautiful, avant-garde original pieces of jewelry, some of which could even be considered art. Purchasing locally made design jewelry supports the artistic growth of the design community in Prague, and also leaves you with a unique handmade necklace, ring, bracelet, etc.

The Czech jewelry designers featured here are represented by full descriptions, color photography, and contact information. Each piece of their collectable jewelry is painstakingly made with great emphasis on both detail and beauty. Their jewelry is both unique and elegant and has earned its place a Show whole article. There is a place in the very center of Prague where you can find jewelry and other pieces created by select Czech designers.

Pearls are classic and timeless, but yet not everyone can pull them off. Should you wish to add an element of class to your wardrobe and feel that pearls can be somewhat stuffy and boring, have a look at the pearl design jewelry from Antipearle. These lovely modern pieces are very different than your Grandmother’s pearls, that’s for sure! Daniela is a graduate of graphic design studies in Prague. Thanks to her husband, a professional gemol


Another way of spotting these fakes of the vintage jewellery world is the designs. Anyone can see the piece is not old — no nibbles or flea bites and bright as a button findings. A complete con. This hideous monstrosity shown above, with the profile of an Egyptian and the head below it, is a classic example of fake overkill. Presumably the seller has realized that genuine Egyptian pieces of Bohemian origin, produced around the time of the discovery of the tomb of King Tut do command high prices.

But not in a Bohemians worst nightmares would an Egyptian inspired necklace ever have looked like this.

2 Trade Shows in Czech Republic related to Jewelry. Exhibition Name, Cycle, Venue, Date. WATCHES & JEWELLERY – HODINY A KLENOTYSpecialized.

This incredible collection has been in a padlocked warehouse there for over 80 years. I’m buying them from the woman who bought the building! Everything in that building turned out to be one-of-a-kind! I am pleased to offer these masterpieces that were made in in Czechoslovakia. I guarantee they are old, authentic, original not new made from old pieces.

Most of the necklaces are marked on the back, “Czecho”. As you will see, they incorporate the most popular motifs of the mid-twenties Deco Period, notably Egyptian symbols, extremely popular at that time. King Tut’s tomb was opened in and that set off the Egyptian Revival in the decorative arts. There are the dragonflies, butterflies, and beautiful Art Nouveau ladies.

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